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Caponatina 140g

Caponatini is a Sicilian relish consisting of chopped fried aubergine, seasoned with olive oil, tomato sauce, celery, olives.

Caponata Sicilian is one of Sicily's essential dishes. Pronounced ka路puh路naa路tuh, 馃崋 馃崊 馃珤 馃聽

A delicious combination of savory, sweet, and sour flavors in this creamy eggplant caponata with onions, tomato and olives! A great make-ahead appetizer to serve over crusty bread or use next to chicken or fish the perfect make-ahead appetizer to serve over crostini or toasted bread of your choice.

You'll love the loads of texture and flavor in this vegan eggplant

There are variations of this tasty eggplant salad. Most are spiked with vinegar. Some call for raisins, which I love and use in this caponata recipe.

Ratatouille vs. Caponata
Some describe caponata as the Sicilian version of ratatouille.
The two may have something in common as both use diced summer vegetables cooked with a bit of tomato, ratatouille is more of a saucy stew.聽
Delicious & versatile.