The Immaculate Collection The Perfect Gift with a Delicious Twist



'Tradition is a foundation and History makes a story, Together they make a marriage, that will last forever !'


MAXTRIS is a bite sized, colourful sweet with a hard outer shell—which is often used for decorative and symbolic.

Sugared almonds are traditionally used as favours, which are wrapped in tulle, satin or dressed up using elegant fabrics, accessories or decorative boxes using art and imagination with a printed card.



The almond inside symbolises life. The sweet taste of the coating is to remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.

Five Almonds signifies five wishes for the new Husband and Wife this signifies children/fertility, happiness, health, longevity and wealth. 

Also, the number five is indivisible symbolising that the bride and groom will share everything and nothing will be divided, therefore showing the strength of the new union.

Three sugared Almonds symbolise -the couple and child 

One sugared Almond refers to the uniqueness of the event

Traditionally the sugared almonds centres are made with almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or chocolate.

'A classic facade with a sophisticated and delicious centre......Let it take you on a journey of delicious, explore all your senses.'

Ongoing quality and spreading the love with an impressive range of taste and colours elegantly showing off their delicious centres filled with assorted variations of fruit, coffee, tiramisu’, Italian patisserie, etc

'Always add an element of surprise, 

even the smallest detail will make the biggest impact ' anonymous 


Certainly another interesting fact is that every colour represents a certain ceremony, a happy event, an important anniversary; The sugared almond accompanies man from birth to old age. 

RED Graduation

ORANGE New beginnings 

YELLOW welcoming guests and represents Happiness and Friendship 


Celebrating Birthdays are multicoloured


ENGAGEMENT / COURTSHIP Green signifies good luck and prosperity 

WEDDING white in order to indicate purity and fidelity. 

BAPSTISM Pink for girls to indicate the colour of blood and so female fertility.

Blue for boys - indicates the future moral greatness. 

First Communion and Confirmation are also white.

SILVER  25th Wedding Anniversary are Silver 

GOLDEN  50th Wedding Anniversary Gold 

YELLOW welcoming guests and represents Happiness and Friendship 

PURPLE  hope

ORANGE New beginnings 

The colours will compliment a theme, creating the same colour to form a tasting table, decoration for the dining tables, they also provide a source of entertainment for the guests or a talking point with their delicious taste! 

Anniversaries are represented by a different colour 
1 year – Cotton wedding: Pink

5 years – Silk wedding: Fuchsia

10 years – Tin wedding: Yellow

15 years – Porcelain wedding: Beige

20 years – Crystal wedding: Light

25 years – Silver wedding: Silver 

30 years – Pearl wedding:  Aquamarine

35 years – Sapphire wedding: Blue

40 years – Emerald wedding: Green

45 years – Ruby wedding: Red

50 years – Golden wedding: Gold

55 years – Ivory wedding: Ivory

60 years – Diamond wedding: White