The Immaculate Collection The Perfect Gift with a Delicious Twist

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are Rosa and Vincenzo Pilla the Directors of The Immaculate Collection Ltd, the importers of a new luxurious and delicious confectionery which is unique in the UK.

We would now like to introduce you to this very unique product to the UK which we are extremely delighted to have discovered and proudly importing to the UK as the exclusive MAXTRIS importers and distributors.

MAXTRIS Dragees is a bite sized, delicious luxurious sweet. Rejuvenated from the Sugared Almond with ongoing research, using the finest and highest quality,  MaxTris has created an impressive range of flavours and colours, elegantly showing off their delicious centres filled assorted variations of Fruit, Espresso, Tiramisu',  Italian Patisserie, etc.

 MAXTRIS products are mostly Gluten Free.

There is no other sweet like this on the market in the United Kingdom, its a niche product,  the packaging is very luxurious and attractive....An entertaining product, perfect for any event or occasion.

 You must taste this delicious sweet ! 

Our love story with MAXTRIS 


A Tasteful Affair

Vincenzo and Rosa Pilla were extremely lucky to first discover the flavoured Chocolate Almond on Honeymoon in Sardinia, May 2013.

We both thought there's nothing like this in the UK ... So when we came back from our Honeymoon and back to reality to the longing of the Wedding planning, we decided to take on a new adventure to import these deliciouscentres.

After lots searching and researching planning and decisions....


Life is like an undiscovered road with beautiful sightings..You don't know where it's going to take you!

Spontaneously we decided to go on a 3000 mile road trip to Naples, Italy in our FIAT 500.

We thought if we were going to take this huge leap of faith, trust and passion in what we importing we wanted to see the Factory,  meet the owners learn the History striving to combine tradition and innovation, we were obviously totally impressed.

An exquisitely priceless experience and from then they never cease to amaze us.

We have so much love and passion for this product and it truly comes from the heart.


It's a sweet and a mystery...

 'A classic facade with a sophisticated and delicious centre......Let it take you on a journey of delicious, explore all your senses.'

 Luxuriously fragrant,  attractively packaged is vital in creating the 'image' like the feather -ruffling Peacock attract attention.'


Our expertise translates into creating the immaculate image.

Tradition is a foundation and History makes a story, Together they make a marriage, that will last forever !'