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  • Colussi zuppalatte

    Traditional recipe from the early 1900s.  Zuppalatte Colussi biscuit has a delicate and unmistakable vanilla scent with a simple and timeless taste Five layers of dough rolled out while still hot, then superimposed for an imitable flaking.   Italian breakfast, also known as prima colazione (in Italian), mainly consists of Italian coffee, cookies, and pastries.  Colussi is an Italian brand that began its journey in 1911 when its founder Angelo Colussi opened his first bakery in Venice and began producing Baicoli, famous Venetian traditional biscuits.   Italian high oleic sunflower oil, an oil with a high % of oleic acid, an unsaturated fat, which makes it nutritionally similar to extra virgin olive oil. For all the shortbread and dry biscuits that contain fresh milk. Always use 100% Italian products.