The Immaculate Collection The Perfect Gift with a Delicious Twist

Bonomelli camomile tea Soluble

🌼 Sweet Dreams Is Made Of This✨  Bonomelli Camomilla 🌼  🌼100% natural herbal tea which contains the sifted extract of the chamomile flower, the richest in precious essential oils creates a unique, special taste & rich aroma. 🌼 Aids for pleasant moments of relaxation, can soothe your nerves and give you a restful sleep, enhancing mental wellness. Also promotes good digestion due to its emollient and soothing properties. 🌼  🌼 Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal plants. 🌼Pour the sachet into a cup 
🌼Pour water at the desired temperature and mix
🌼Ideal also for kids: 1 sachet for 100 ml of water